Australia & New Zealand


A seamless combination of diverse levels of beauty await you at this majestic destination. When in Australia, You can never have too much of the City with the wonderful aura of the place. Don't miss out on the nature that this breath taking location has to offer. Dive into the Great Barrier reef, Lounge by the most beautiful beaches while you also explore the great dessert wilderness of this majestic country.

new zealand

New Zealand

The go-to place to strike things off your bucket list. A place where you can hike to the top of a glacier and explore geo thermal mud pools too! It's the Home of the Middle-earth. Where adventure sports are not just about the thrill, But the breath taking scenery to go with them.

Bora Bora

The French Polynesia is one of the underrated locations and if you've never been, You're surely missing out. Explore the best of ocean wildlife where snorkeling and diving are as common as going to the market. The land is also filled with enriching land activities like jeep tours, ritual massages from the locals, Family hikes and treks. For artifact collectors, You must get your one of a kind works of art made on the island. Bora Bora is a famed honeymoon destination for the complimenting romance that's simply in the air.

fiji islands

Fiji Islands

In a cluster of 333 islands, you already know there's going to be lots to do! We know just where to take you to get the best of your holiday here. Palm lined pristine beaches is only one of the spectacular feats its known for. It is adorned with places to see like Forest reserves, Temples, Treks, Adventure parks, Sand dunes. Fiji is famous for eco tourism, With sites that beat anything you've seen.


Explore a place that is truly like no other. Botanic gardens will amaze the nature lover in you while you're in the middle of the city. The mix of cultures all around will amaze you. The street food will take you on a culinary rollercoaster. This is the place to literally shop till you drop.